Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Auction, Speed Dating and the Ballet

Wow it has been a big weekend. I have done a ton in 24hrs, crazy things. I spent most of yesterday at the old Amway Center where they were auctioning a lot of memorabilia but I went for work to hopefully get a deal on a few things. It turns out people are will to spend a ridiculous amount of money on things like padded black folding chairs and used flat screen tvs. Needless to say I didn't get anything from the auction. I ended up with nothing but frozen feet and a number 422 sign.

Last night I went speed dating. It was a social experiment of the century. It was honest to goodness like you see in the movies speed dating. I went with a friend who had called and said I am gonna go do this you should come. So we headed down town looking for this place called the Rok Room. It is on Church St but it is literally down an alley and up a fire escape to get to this place. So I am all ready a little freaked going in because I just walked down the ally to get to this place. We walk in to the place and I am by far the youngest person there, Which was a bit weird, but the host met us and handed us these little cards that listed our directions and what not on it. We headed to the bar and got a drink and waited for instructions. Looking around I knew that this was going to be interesting. We get called to order and have assigned tables and start points. So lets begin, I thought that 6 mins was going to feel like an eternity but it was like short little interviews. We got a break in the middle and then finished out the rest of the night. I did okay at the 6 min thing only once did I struggle with conversation and only once was I creeped out. The creepy guy seemed to creep everyone out. During the evening my friend and I had a lot of fun talking with the host. After the event we all stayed at the bar for a bit and hung out. The host ended up hanging with my friend the rest of the evening. At the end of the night the 3 of us went and got food and headed back to my place for a night cap. I guess the evening ended as weird as it began. But it was fun, the kind of social experiment I can say that I have tried. Not sure I would do it again because of the way it is set up and what not but it was certainly a fun evening and we met some new people and had some laughs. The host was a nice guy (hope it works out for my friend).

Today Nicole and I went to the ballet. It was Battle of the Sex II. I haven't seen that much live dance in my life but I know how a theater show works. I thought there were some lovely pieces but the ballet's technical department needs a little love. A few more stage crew and a tighter technical show would make it seamless and beautiful. I think that there were a few hicupps in the show but other then that it was a fine show.

I hope you all have a happy Valentines Day!

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