Friday, February 18, 2011

Publix and Coupons

So tonight I will say was my first official couponing trip to Publix, I know I have mentioned this in a few other posts but this time it was for real. I spent a few hours sifting through the ads, collecting my thoughts on what to make and eat for the next week and what I was willing to sacrifice on name brand wise to get the deal. Honestly there are only a few things that I would have a tough time not buying a particular brand on. So here is a copy of the long reciept from my shopping trip.

Its about 3 feet long, I feel like I did well for my first true coupon experience. I have enough food for lasagna this week, a chicken, rice and veggie meal, Cereal for awhile, Lunches for the week, and the necessities.

I had so much over stock that I had to make a list and tape it to the cupboard(so we remembered we had it) in the kitchen and put the overstock in the front closet.

So you ask how much money did I save? Well the recipe is proof:

I saved 47.09 total on my trip today. $15.30 was from the coupons in the news paper and 31.79 were items that were on sale! I have now paid for the Groupon for the Sunday paper 3 times since I purchased it in January. So if you have not yet decided to get the Sunday Paper or join, I promise you it is worth your time. Tonight I saved a ton of money and will have food for 7 days! I spent just over $50 in total and felt like it was well worth the time I put into the research and coupons. Oh and my store takes competiors coupons, which means that on some items I can use the manufacture and store coupon on certain items. If you need to save money or just like a deal get the Sunday paper today and start saving money!

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