Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I am having an incredibly lazy Sunday today. Sundays always equal football to me this time of year. I always remember the games being on in the background whether it was our team or not. Football was the thing that was the background noise to what we were actually doing. Unless it was our team, then the food was pulled out and the volume turned up. It was as if the world all around stopped to watch the game. Even if I am not interested or have little time to sit and watch football ends up on my TV every Sunday. It makes me feel at home even when I am miles and miles away.

So I have accomplished a few small things today. I just watched tIMER. This movie is interesting and I would say the idea is incredible sad to me. Its about this "Big Brother"ish idea that this timer is implanted in everyone's wrist, once the timer goes off you will meet the love of your life the very next day. The story revolves around this woman who's timer is blank. The acting is okay, the story is hard to watch. The idea that we as society are relying on technology to get us through life so much that we cant connect with each other and at the same time some of us are trying. There is also the idea that there is only one person for each of us. Both of these I have very strong views on. I sometimes hate that I find out what used to be "big" things in peoples lives online, that I feel like Online dating is easier then meeting people in person, and that I can't live with out my cell phone. But I very much like connecting with people in person, sharing experiences and talking about how things could be, are and will be. It is the double edged sword of technology. I like that this blog has made friends far away feel some much closer too me and that they have sent me advice and love about things I have talked about. These are ways that technology helps.

I also am not certain about the idea of the one. That is a lot of pressure to put on a situation that shouldn't have so much stress. That there is only one person for each of us is hard to believe. I think that maybe at each time in our life that is a person who is most important, who has great affect over us and who helps change our life. I hope, as do I think most, that there is someone that I will find to grow old with. Who will be apart of my life for a very long, long time.

I also finished a book today, The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard. This is the first book that I have read off the Oprah book list. It was a good book, I would say 3 out of 5. I think it would have been better if I had a child. The story is about a mother who's 3 year is taken from a hotel lobby. It is about the emotional turmoil of the situation and its effects on each of the people in the story (mostly the mother and older son). I also read the 3 Bill Cosby kids book on the list, and did not enjoy them much. I just hope that all of the books on this list aren't heartbreaking sad.

Halftime Show! Let's Go Greenbay!

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  1. I LOVED Timer. I do not believe in the idea of meeting "the one" (although, again, I do believe in "the click") but the idea of the movie is soooo intriguing to me. Do you want to know that you will find love even if it isn't for many years? Or find out the second you meet someone, before you are even remotely attracted to them, that you are supposed to be together forever? Or do you just want to run around, figuring it out for yourself, and enjoying the mistakes along the way with no guarantees? Long comment... but like I said, LOVED the movie. I should really buy it.